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Options for Ammo-Up™

SIZE. This is the approximate width of the barrel. The Ammo-Up™ will collect across approximately this much space at once.  The available widths are 18 or 36 inches.  The 18” model collects up to 30 pounds and the 36” model collects up to 70 pounds.

MODEL. Pick-Up hoppers (the black basket at the front of the Ammo-Up™) must be removed and emptied by hand.  Flip-Up models must be emptied on top of a tarp, compost pile, or other collection location; the hopper empties when it is flipped upside down by pulling a rope.  Tag-A-Long models all have removable hoppers and are towed behind a lawn tractor (they are not made to be pushed by hand).

TYPE. The type is determined by what is being collected.  See the chart below for examples. The picture to the right  illustrates how to measure what you would like to collect; use the smallest measurement (the width, not the length) when determining what type of Ammo-Up™ you need.

PRICES.   All 18” models are $490 plus shipping.  All 36” models are $690 plus actual shipping charges.







1/4" to 1"
0.6 to 2.5 cm

3/8" to 1 1/4"
1 to 3.2 cm

5/8" to 1 1/2"
1.6 to 3.8cm


Pistol Brass
Rifle Brass


Shotgun Shells

18" Pick-Up $490

36" Pick-Up $690

36" Tag-A-Long $690

The Ammo-Up™ is a  tool used to pick up large quantities of brass. Simply push the Ammo-Up™ (or pull the Tag-A-Long version with your lawn tractor), allowing it to roll over the ground, pick up spent brass with its fingers, and collect them in the hopper. To empty, pull on the attached cord to empty the basket (Flip-Up) or pull out the hopper (Pick-Up & Tag-A-Long). This tool is a time saver when it comes to picking up extremely large amounts of brass. It works best in a fairly level, well-kept area without large amounts of leaves or debris. It will work in grass up to approximately 5 inches tall. The Ammo-Up™ is made of plastic and comes with a one-year warranty, although it will last for many years with reasonable care. Replacement parts are available if needed.

The Ammo-Up™ is designed like a Bag-A-Nut™, but is tailored to picking up spent brass.

The Ammo-Up™

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